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Man and woman gaze at a flatscreen TV on a garage floor showing abstract colorful art, while another screen shows a similar artwork in the same series in this pop-up media art gallery
lonesav: Lone Radio, 2022

Lonesav: lone radio halloween event

at FEED + Alex Staley's first solo exhibition

lonesav: LONE RADIO
Halloween reception with LONESAV / DJ JONNY EVANS
October 31, 2022 | 8PM
FEED.art | 1307 Commerce Street, Erie, PA 16501

LONE RADIO is lonesav’s debut solo art exhibition as a digital artist, as well as the first solo exhibition at FEED Media Art Center. The show consists of over an hour of 3d rendered pieces and character studies of local individuals that will be projected throughout the art space. Join the artist as he unveils new additions to the show while DJ JONNY EVANS brings the beats.

squiggly line from a modified Vectrex stretched out and inverted as a graphic divider element

3D model of a booth at an artfair shows two walls in an "L" configuration. One wall shows a display of an artwork of a woman riding on a stool atop a robot vacuum cleaner. The other wall shows information about the exhibition, including the title: Lonely ROCKS
Lonely ROCKS: Curator House Booth Sketch, 2022

Lonely rocks

Collective Self-Portraiture

Lonely ROCKS: Curator House
November 29 - December 3, 2022 (private view November 28, 1-8PM)
Untitled Art | Miami Beach
11AM - 7PM

Lonely ROCKS is a coopetition that brings together Patrons and Curators to select the finest self-portrait media artworks for exhibition at Miami Art Week and throughout the Interverse.

Lonely ROCKS are achieving escape velocity! Our experiment to democratize curation has proven successful, with 8 dozen self-portraits nominated so far for our Season 1 premier at Miami Art Week.

Patron House locks on Halloween!

There's still time to submit your artwork—get rolling! This is your last week to nominate self-portraits for Lonely.ROCKS at Untitled Art—Leaderboard locks October 31st.

Want to nominate some work? Get your ICYs or METALLICS at Lonely.ROCKS 

To spice things up, all Lonely ROCKS NFT holders may vote in the final week. Snap up a STONY, click the DISCOVER tab and vote!

When Patron House locks, Curator House opens. Curators will make their selections and deliberate for a week to choose the final dozen self-portraits.

Attending Miami Art Week? Let's meet at Untitled Art!

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Two men perform AV with electronics, seen in soft focus against a wall-size projection of turbulent water
Benton C Bainbridge and Gryphon Rue play Radial at Fridman Gallery, 2022

rue + bainbridge PLAY Radial AT fridman gallery

A new chapter for the music and light duo

Gryphon Rue featuring Benton C Bainbridge: A Spirit Appears to a Pair of Lovers
Radial 7 at Fridman Gallery
Tuesday, October 25 | 7PM
169 Bowery | NYC

Gryphon Rue improvises with modular synth, Farfisa and saw and plays selections from his new album. Benton C Bainbridge image processes redevelopment shots from FEED Media Art Center and other scenes from Erie, PA.

Rue and Bainbridge will be followed by Løt.te

Gryphon Rue [music] with Benton C Bainbridge [video]: Watercolor Virus, 2022