A behind-the-scenes production shot during the studio session for Benton C Bainbridge's 2019 video sculpture, Tiny Hands Big Tie, shows a camera capturing Bainbridge's contorted face which imitates Donald Trump's open-mouthed expression as seen in a public appearance recording on another screen.
On the set of Benton C Bainbridge: Tiny Hands Big Tie, 2019

behind the scenes

Benton C Bainbridge's craft

Tools and Tricks of the Media Art Trade

Benton is happy to answer your questions about his art practice. Contact his studio at bentoncbainbridge[AT}bentoncbainbridge[DOT]com
Please be patient! Benton is busy making art, but will post answers here ASAP.

Hand-crafted by Benton C Bainbridge

"Benton fingerpaints with video" - Trilby Schreiber

Benton is releasing videos to demonstrate how he uses custom video synths to make his art. Here's his most recent demo:

Benton C Bainbridge demos the LZX Cadet IX VCO module

Benton assembles synthesizers from contemporary modules that carry on the work of pioneering creative technologists like Dan Sandin, Steve Rutt and Bill Etra. Bainbridge was first introduced to video synthesizers at the late, legendary Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY, where he used custom tools designed by Nam June Paik and Shuya Abe, Dan Sandin, and Dave Jones. Dave told Benton of his plans to release his decades of video tools in the Eurorack format, after which Bainbridge began building synths with prototype modules by Dave Jones Design and LZX Industries.

A scan of all the panels in the LZX Castle module series.
A scan of module panels in the Castle series will help a fellow synthesist make a custom combo panel which Benton will use in his LZX synth case